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This is very basic digital delay / echo effect. It uses only fx_delay block to provide a bunch of functions found in delay pedals.

As configured here, this delay has a maximum delay time of 3 seconds. You can either use the pot or tap the delay in using the right foot switch.

Feedback pot determines how quickly the echoes die of and the mix is the mix between clean / effect.

The left footswitch bypasses the effect. And the right footswitch can be used to tap in a new delay time.

Arduino Code
Knob and button functions
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Delay time





Basic Delay Effect

Copy / paste this code into the Arduino IDE, download and run this effect


#include <dreammakerfx.h>

fx_delay    my_delay(3000.0,  // 3000 ms
                     0.6);    // 0.6 feedback

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:


  pedal.route_audio(pedal.instr_in, my_delay.input);
  pedal.route_audio(my_delay.output, pedal.amp_out);

  // Left footswitch is bypass 

  // Right foot switch is tap loop length
  pedal.add_tap_interval_button(FOOTSWITCH_RIGHT, true);;


void loop() {

  // If new delay time has been tapped in, use that
  if (pedal.new_tap_interval()) { 

  // Left pot changes the volume of the first loop
  if (pedal.pot_left.has_changed()) {
  // Right pot changes the wet / dry mix
  if (pedal.pot_right.has_changed()) {
    my_delay.set_dry_mix(1.0 - pedal.pot_right.val);
  // Center pot can also be used to change the delay length 
  // from 100ms to 3000ms
  if (pedal.pot_center.has_changed()) {
    float new_length_ms = 100.0 + pedal.pot_center.val*2900.0;
  // Service pedal

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