Standard Digital Delay

Created by: DreamMaker

This is an example that shows how to use the fx_delay effect to create a standard digital delay pedal. This pedal is designed to use a delay buffer of 3 seconds but since the DreamMaker FX platform has several minutes of delay RAM, much longer and more interesting delays can be created.

Lemur nice.png

Delay time


Wet/dry mix


Tap delay

How far apart the echos are (0.1 to 3 seconds)

Basically how long the echo lasts before dying out

Bypasses the effect

The mix of clean audio and the echo effect. All the way left is no effect at all and all the way right is effect only with none of the original dry signal. Right in the middle (12:00) is a nice mix of the original dry signal and the echo signal

Tap it a few times at a set interval and the delay will lock on