Polyphonic guitar synth pedal

Created by: DreamMaker

This is a polyphonic guitar synth meaning that it tracks multiple strings. It uses an FM synth engine along with ADSR envelope generator and an output filter. The pedal is configured by default to use a triangle (OSC_TRIANGLE) wave that is modulated with a sine wave (OSC_SINE). However, lots of interesting sounds can be created by swapping these out with out types of oscillators (e.g. OSC_SQUARE, OSC_RAMP_POS, OSC_RAMP_NEG, OSC_RANDOM, etc).

Lemur nice.png

Attack time

FM mod depth

Modulation frequency


The attack time of the synth sound (i.e. how long it takes to ramp to full volume when you play a new string)

The depth of the FM mod in the synthesizer

Bypasses the effect

The frequency of the FM modulator ranging from 0.25 x the note played to 4.25x.

describe right footswitch function