Created by: DreamMaker

Hold down the left footswtich to "catch" a note which will ring out indefinitely. Press and hold down the left footswitch to layer on more notes to create a sonic canvas to play over. Tap the right footswitch to release the held notes. When the left footswich is held down to capture notes, the clean channel is muted so you only hear the swell of the capture droning notes. This effect works by running the notes through an ADSR envelope so it quickly fades in and then fades out. This audio is then sent to four delay lines that are staggered so the attack / decay of the note becomes a solid wall of sound.

Lemur nice.png

Drone volume

Mod depth

Mod rate



How loud the droning notes are relative to the played note

Modulation depth applied to the held notes

Hold down the left foot switch to add layers to the sonic canvas While the left footswitch is pressed down, it will only catch new notes that are played. It will not capture whatever is ringing out.

Modulation rate applied to the held notes

Tap to release the sonic canvas