Echo looper

Created by: DreamMaker

This is a basic looper pedal that uses the route_control() function to pass the tapped loop length along to an echo effect. The echo effect is set to 1/4 the lenght of the loop so each time a new loop is set, the echo time is updated to. The looper output also runs through a low-pass filter with a bit of resonance so you can turn the recorded loop into a cool background droning pattern.

Lemur nice.png

Looper mix

Echo feedback

Looper filter


Record / reset

Amount of looper in the output mix

Feedback amount for echoes (how long it takes them to disappear)

Bypasses the effect

Low pass filter with some gentle resonance on the output of the looper

Hold down to record a loop. Once loop is recorded, tap again to clear the loop. Now you're ready to record again.