Attack Decay Swell

Created by: DreamMaker

This is an example that shows how to use the fx_adsr_envelope effect to control the attack and decay of a played note. The ADSR envelope standads for attack-decay-sustain-release and controls how quickly a note fades and out. The sketch also demonstrates how to route the new note pedal event to the ADSR envelope so each time you play a new note, the ADSR envelope is applied. By turning attack and release way down, each note sounds like a quick pluck. And increase attack creates a swell effect like an ebow.

Lemur nice.png


Attack time

Release time



Volume of output. For longer swells, a bit more gain is needed.

Lenght of attack from 50ms to 1000ms

Bypasses the effect

Lenght of release from 50ms to 1000ms