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Compressor / Sustainer

Pedal Creator

This is an example that shows how to use the fx_compressor effect to create a compressor sustainer pedal

Standard Pitch Shifter

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Standard pitch shifter pedal than can pitch shift incoming audio by an arbitrary amount.

Typical Ring Modulator

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The ring modulator effect moves all of the frequencies around creating a very interesting and sometimes unwieldy sound.

Echo looper

Pedal Creator

This is a basic looper pedal that uses the route_control() function to pass the tapped loop length along to an echo effect. The echo effect is set to 1/4 the lenght of the loop so each time a new loop is set, the echo time is updated to. The looper output also runs through a low-pass filter with a bit of resonance so you can turn the recorded loop into a cool background droning pattern.

Delay Major Minor

Pedal Creator

Volume swell effect that also has optional minor and major third intervals that can be optionally mixed in when the left or right foot swtich is held down. The minor and major thirds are fed through their own delays. Overall, this creates an interesting ambient effect. It takes a little practice using the minor and major third buttons but once you get the hang of it, cool things can happen.

Multi-band compressor

Pedal Creator

Two-band compressor which uses a low-pass and high-pass filter to separate the audio into two components, and then applies independent compressors to each

Bit and Sample Rate Crusher

Pedal Creator

Uses the BIT_CRUSHER and the SAMPLE_RATE_CRUSHER models in the destructor to both reduce the bit resolution of the audio samples (bit crusher) and reduce the sample rate (sample rate crusher). A sample rate crusher does not use what's called an anti-aliasing filter when it reduces the sample rate and as a result, it produces all sorts of artifacts of the original signal at different frequencies.

Parametric filter

Pedal Creator

This is an example that shows how to use the fx_biquad_filter effect to create a parametric filter.

Warm Distortion

Pedal Creator

This is an example that shows how to use the fx_destructor effect to create a smooth, tube-like distortion sound. To make this more interesting, try adding additional destructor and tone (fx_biquad_filter) elements either in series or in parallel.

Standard Flanger

Pedal Creator

This is an implementation of a typical flanger pedal. This sketch uses the variable delay block to create a time / pitch shifted version of the original signal. When this is mixed with the original signal, it creates the "flange" effect. The effect becomes pronouced with feedback.

Standard Tremelo

Pedal Creator

This is an example that shows how to use the fx_amplitude_mod effect to create a tremelo pedal effects. The ADSR envelope standads for attack-decay- sustain-release and controls how quickly a note fades and out. The sketch also demonstrates how to route the new note pedal event to the ADSR envelope so each time you play a new note, the ADSR envelope is applied.

Standard Chorus

Pedal Creator

This is a standard chorus pedal that has multiple types of modulators controlling the chorus effect that can be selected with the right pot.

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